UX Hospitality

The central tenet of luxury hospitality is the ultimate guest satisfaction. The only way to achieve this feat is making sure the entire organization is geared towards the development of highly efficient operations and management. Merchant Marine has spent the past 30 years making this step. We believe that the Yachting industry will follow suit in the next 10 years.

Our solution – User Experience Hospitality – instills a culture of self managing leadership, resulting in increased crew engagement. This results in improved crew retention rates, yacht reputation, charter value, rest value and overall, lower cost of ownership.

This will result in a happy crew, in turn increasing service and thus delivering 7* owner and guest satisfaction.

The foundation of “UX Hospitality” is our believe in the importance of the human element in Yachting. Without the human element there will be no ultimate experience, no personalized service to the max.

Optimizing the experience of all roles involved, ranging from operational crew to management, will lead to a great operation, turning a Yacht into a Great Yacht by virtue of 7* service.

Organizational culture (team building), technical knowledge (including but not limited to standard operating procedures) and performance management will be pivotal in achieving this vision.

Furthermore, we apply a range of state of the art technologies in order to ensure optimal delivery, continuation and growth of operational excellence. The backbone of this technology uses emotional and artificial intelligence to create enjoyable and inspiring work environments.  

Our UX Hospitality value chain is composed of Frame, Human and Mind.


Create a highly effective team based on the strengths of individuals.


Provide the support to build a successful operation.


Keep inspiring work environments on track.

UX Hospitality - a holistic approach to Yacht Operations and Management.