Why Luxury Hospitality?

Yachting prides itself on delivering the finest hospitality on Earth. This is nothing but an aspiration without the proper motivation to deliver such excellence.

We pride ourselves in helping you achieve this motivation, in empowering you and your team to deliver Seven Star Hospitality. 

The shipyards build the yacht, we help you build the people.

Either through our onshore individual training or onboard, for the entire crew. 

What is it all about?

We've trained 3000+ people in motivational and practical luxury hospitality skills

Follow the footsteps of some of the largest Yachts out there, as well as leading onshore industry influencers and companies.

  • We train 3 out of the top 5 largest yachts – 60%
  • We train 4 out of the top 10 largest yachts – 40%
  • We train 10 out of the top 20 largest yachts – 50%
  • We train 15 out of the top 50 largest yachts – 30%
  • We train 30 out of the top 100 largest yachts – 30%
  • And here is what they say...


    Essential for today's professional yachting communities 

    Captain - 90m MY


    More beneficial than you will ever know, until you've actually done it



    We see clearly that you guys have a close relationship to our crew and the results are most evident

     Owner - 55m MY


    Very interesting and valuable course. I got so much out of it. It would be great if each HOD had this course! Instructors were so passionate about everything what they were presenting to us ! And it was all based on their own experience which made this course very useful and authentic. Well done you !!!!

    Oliwia - Chief Stewardess