provide the world's best hospitality by acting from the heart

LH Academy is the industry leader in Seven Star Service training. We help clients achieve the greatest hospitality on earth by giving them the technical know-how as well as the motivation to pull of this incredible feat. 

All our courses are based on teaching students how to convey this passion, the authentic loving care that defines Luxury Hospitality. 

Whether you are looking for technical training or inspiration, we would love to help you. We train and inspire Luxury Hospitality professionals. This is what we live for. 


Remarkable onshore Training


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​Essential for today's professional yachting communities onboard

Klaudio, Captain

90m MY

As I've said before, your return on investment is 10 fold! I can't believe its not compulsory for all yacht crew!

Jessica, Chief Stew

MY Astra

We offer the following training schedule at our training facility Waterland Estate in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.




14 – 18 October 2019

Amsterdam, the Netherlands

14 – 18 October 2019

Amsterdam, the Netherlands

upon request

upon request

Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Amsterdam, the Netherlands

We also offer our specialist training programs onsite, regardless of location, fully customised to your needs.