the best way to offer world-class Seven-Star Service

We offer a range of bespoke onboard solutions, fully customisable to suit your needs. These range from leadership training, team-building sessions all the way through interior courses, including but not limited to housekeeping, service and mixology.

The common denominator is that all our trainings provide you and your team with the inspiration, motivation and skills required to be the absolute best. 

How can we help your team be the best it can be?

leadership solutions

interior solutions

The Luxury Hospitality Self-Managing Leadership training provides key information for crew who operate at [middle] management level in professional yachting. 

(1 day) 

Our innovative approach to crew development at the individual, team and yacht level provides a

model for operational success by setting norms and expectations regarding values, integrity,

relationships, and behaviour throughout all layers of the organisation. 

​Bartending, mixology, wie, barista and much more will be discussed. Increase your confidence, finesse and expertise in the different styles and techniques.

Our program has specially been designed for crew members that have been working on-board

yachts. It will improve your expertise and confidence.

By building on relationships through teamwork and identifying personal responsibilities, participants learn how working together to streamline operations, both in the front and back of house, will improve the service flow and ultimately improve the guest experience.