Leroy Soumokil

Leroy developed his love for the job every since he was a kid. He loved to set up his own little bar at birthday parties and mix different juices for the guests.

He started his career already at the age of 15 in the kitched and later on in service. But soon he noticed that the bar was the place to be for him. Here is where he could be creative AND take care of guests.

A few years later, when Leroy was 19, 
he saved enough for his first training. Many followed in the years to come.

In his career he worked in many bars and won several awards such as Entree Best Bartender 2013 and Diageo’s World Class Best Bartender the Netherlands 2014.

Nowadays Leroy provides training for the Diageo Bar Academy bars and gives training via the ISAAC Company. We are thrilled to have Leroy joining our Luxury Hospitality training team as a Bar, Mixology, Barista & Tea specialist.