Julia Rogers

Julia began her working life in Corporate IT, supporting sales by training the workforce how to utilise the equipment to suit their purpose and maintain wellbeing.  This lead to a passion for personal development and running her own business in this field and to being accredited in Energy & Performance Management.

Julia runs workshops promoting positive engagement and emotional intelligence, optimizing wavelengths within organisations to deliver intended goals.

Through Energy & Performance Management,  Julia helps raise awareness of how to achieve the best flow in any organisation and optimise performance.

Being not only a leadership expert but also a lifelong and devout sailor Julia is committed to bringing her vast leadership, teambuilding and motivation expertise to Yachting. Her insights in self managing leadership, deriving from many years spent as a teacher and a practitioner, make her an invaluable asset on our team. 

Feedback on Julia as trainer:

Julia Rogers is one of the best coaches that I have had the pleasure of working with.  She has an instinctive ability and a natural flair for helping others through coaching.  Julia is a kind, generous and fun person and a great team player.  She commands authority within both a small and large coaching class environment with her confidence and a sound knowledge of a broad range of coaching skills. If you are looking for a coach for your practice, for your team or for a one-on-one and if she is available then Julia would be a great choice.”

P D M Dolce,  Surfing Rainbows