George Brooks

George is someone who has boundless drive and ambition – the bigger the challenge, the better. With a history of delivering perfectly-exectued events on a global scale, and three years at the helm of Asaro, George understands that seamless delivery requires meticulous attention to detail, preparation and flexibility.

Through Asaro, George works alongside ambitious captains and crew to lift the guest experience to incredible new heights, to unlock the real potential of a yacht’s events program. From the interactive group sessions he runs with Asaro co-director Kirsty, crew gain valuable tools to help them move from creative to planning.

George thrives on presenting crew with challenges that see them work together to bring an idea to life, planning for how to make it seamless for guests. The goal is for crew to walk away from their sessions with fundamental tools that they can use in their day-to-day job.

A natural explorer and team leader, George has the unwavering ability to stay calm despite the often stressful circumstances that surround event planning. His ambition to achieve means he doesn’t compromise on excellence, which is exactly what the luxury industry demands.