Get rid of unmotivated crew once and for all

By listening to them! Listening to people will foster understanding. It will empower them to be motivated. This being the 21st century we came up with an A.I. powered tool to help you in this process. Meet Mind.

Mind will enable you to keep tabs on how crew feel. This is vital. Unhappy crew, uninspired hospitality, unhappy boss. Yachting prides itself on delivering the finest hospitality on Earth. This is nothing but an aspiration without the proper motivation to deliver such excellence.

We pride ourselves in helping you achieve this motivation. In empowering you and your team to deliver Seven Star Hospitality. Mind is the latest cornerstone in our craft.

We’d love to tell you more about how we have used it to help our pilot customer reduce turnover, reduce stress and increase motivation. Listen to your crew’s problems and you will see improvement.