Increase their confidence in all things Housekeeping. We teach the intricate eye for detail required for Seven Star Service.

Luxury Hospitality Academy

Do you want your team to be inspired to be the perfect housekeepers?

The Art of Ironing

Flower & Plant care

Correct use of Laundry Equipment

Valet Services

Wardrobe Management

Here's the best way to acquire invaluable practical skills

Cleaning and Maintenance

Sneak Preview

Soak up the Atmosphere

LH certification

  • Luxury Hospitality ​Housekeeping​ Specialist

​PYA GUEST certification

  • Yacht Interior Advanced Housekeeping ​ 
  • Valet services module
  • Yacht interior advanced laundry service module
  • Floristry & plant maintenance module

This Luxury Hospitality training provides the following certificates:

"Extremely satisfied with what I have gained from this course."

Stewardess, 88m Yacht

"Amazing course, it provided/confirmed knowledge I should have in these areas."

Brooke Redman, Stewardess MY Nirvana

Have better Housekeeping

Provide Seven-Star Service

Luxury Hospitality Academy

Bespoke Training

Housekeeping Specialist is a custom training we provide to our clients onboard. You can mix and match modules as desired to achieve the greatest fit with your needs.

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