Hospitality Training

Have a lasting career you can be proud of

Having technical knowledge will not get you there. Whilst etiquette is important first and foremost you should understand how your guests feel. 

We teach you the intricate eye for the detail required for Seven Star Service. The authentic caring attitude that will make a difference. 

We teach you how to serve from the heart. During your stay with us you will advance your career by mastering the Art of Service.




​14 – 18 October 2019

Amsterdam, the Netherlands

upon request

Amsterdam, the Netherlands

I loved it, and attending it at Waterland was an experience on it's own. I think how the trainers involved themselves every evening at the dinners was fantastic, and definitely brought the students together. 

Tharina Jordaan, Chief Stewardess

Educational, fun, exceeds expectations, well rounded diverse information from the trainers and well organized. 

Laura Finnerty, 2nd Stewardess