Our Beverage Specialist training is designed to increase experience and up barista, wine and mixology knowledge. So your team can serve with more confidence.

Here is the most inspiring way to increase your teams' confidence! 

The Secret of Seven Star Service

Sometimes stews serve wines and cocktails they don't know anything about.

We teach you how wine is made, explore different wine regions, make great cocktails and dive deep into spirits. 

We have you experience what you are serving.

LH Certification

  • Luxury Hospitality Beverage Specialist
  • Late Art & Specialist Teas

PYA GUEST Certification

  • Advanced Wine Appreciation: Module 2
  • Advanced Bartending & Mixology: Module 2

Wine Specialist Angelique talks about how she makes sure students go back to service with a big smile on their face!

Do you want to go back to service with the biggest smile?

Awesome, really cool, it was just so nice! 

Flame Murray, Stewardess 

Flame Murray, Stewardess, 62m MY

It was an amazing time and I have learned a lot of new things. Thank you so much for the practical, which we had. Always good to train more, so we can feel our mistakes and get better in future. I would recommend you to all my colleagues, if they will have a change to pass your course. I see your love for the job. It's very important we feel this.

Tanya, Stewardess, MY Moonlight II

Stop feeling uncomfortable serving beverages you know too little about.

Beverage Specialist is a custom course we can mix and match based on your needs.

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