Lifecycle Management - Luxury Hospitality
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Lifecycle management

Our Lifecycle Management Services are focused on helping you to deliver unrivalled guest satisfaction as well as preventative risk management of your assets. They follow a structured approach to quality assurance management, team composition, training and development, and retention services in accordance with the Luxury Hospitality Group (LHG) Standard for Quality Management in Luxury Hospitality.

LHG has developed this Standard to prevent losses that may arise, lower the cost of ownership, improve return on investment (ROI), create highly effective teams, and improve retention of crew or staff with the ultimate goal of creating unforgettable guest experiences that exceed expectations.

The Process

LHG will conduct an onsite audit during which we will verify to what extent your hospitality processes and procedures conform with our Standard for Quality Management in Luxury Hospitality.

Step 1           Quality Assurance Management
Step 2           Team Composition
Step 3           Learning & Development
Step 4           Performance Management


Conformity with the Standard for Quality Management in Luxury Hospitality will guarantee that you have the most relevant hospitality processes, procedures and product knowledge in place to enable efficient allocation of tasks and smooth workflows.

This step in the process will address Standard Operating Procedures for the following:

  • F&B services
  • housekeeping & valet services
  • laundry services
  • cleaning & maintenance
  • hygiene
  • galley services
  • all guest related service flows within and between departments.

team composition

After ensuring all relevant processes and procedures are in place, we will look at your team composition by taking an innovative approach to team building.

We will discuss individual values and behaviours that already exist to get a better sense of how your team currently operates. From there, we will discuss ideal models for operational success so that you can set your own norms and expectations in regards to team values, relationships and behaviour. By doing this, we help you to create an organisational culture where everyone is on the same page, working towards shared goals.

To do this, we will review all of the following elements:

  • vision, Mission and Values for vessels & departments
  • hiring procedures
  • job descriptions
  • job & team fits
  • capability assessment
  • profiling
  • team development based on profiles
  • motivation letters, CV and reference checks
  • marlins; maritime English language testing.

learning and development

By identifying their own personal responsibilities and understanding how to effectively build relationships through teamwork, participants learn how working together to streamline operations – both front and back of house – will improve service flow and ultimately overall guest experience. In this step, we help you develop an effective personal development and professional training program tailored according to your needs:


We will continue to support you throughout the year with our Performance Management tools, ensuring that your crew or staff members are continually engaged and focused on providing the ultimate Art of Service to your owners and guests.  We do this through:

  • the implementation and continuation of a health and effective leadership culture
  • the use of a performance management review tool including 360-degree team member evaluations; daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and (bi)annually
  • annual audit of your Quality Assurance Management system.